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'Semi-Precious Soiree'

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'Semi-Precious Soiree'

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Beadalon 7 Strand Flexible Beading Wire 'Bright' 0.012in 30ft
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Beadalon Silver Plated Crimp Beads 3mm #3 Pk100
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'Semi-Precious Soiree'

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make this 'Semi-Precious Soiree' Necklace using Semi-Precious Beads and a Swarovski Crystal.

Step 1

Add a small dot of glue inside the first side of the Polaris Rondelle Bead, then add in (foil side down) your Swarovski SS47 Rivoli, push in gently and hold in place for a few minutes.  Repeat on the second side.  If any glue squeezes out, let it dry before cleaning it away.  I used Gem-Tac but you can also use similar brands.

Step 2

Measure your beading wire to suit the length you would like, plus 5 inches for the crimp/clasp section.  I used a 7-strand flexible beading wire.

Step 3

Thread a crimp bead on to one end of your wire followed by one part of your clasp, return the wire back through the crimp bead and use your pliers to close the crimp bead.  Trim the shorter end of your wire if needed.  You can also add a crimp bead cover at this point if you want.

Step 4

Thread on a Swarovski 4mm crystal pearl, then an puffy oval agate bead and continue so that you have 8-9 agate beads in total, then thread on three pearls.

Step 5

Thread on your completed Rondelle Bead, and then 3 crystal pearls, repeat Step 4 finishing with one crystal pearl.

Step 6

Thread on a crimp bead and the second part of your clasp, return the wire back through the crimp bead, use pliers to close the crimp bead and again trim your wire.  Cover with a crimp bead cover if wanted.