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Seed Bead Pumpkin Earrings

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Seed Bead Pumpkin Earrings

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Jumprings silver-plated 6mm. Pack of 10
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Silver Colour Copper Craft Wire 28 Gauge (0.3mm) 20metre Reel
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Information about project:

Seed Bead Pumpkin Earrings

Designed by: Kara-May

Difficulty: Intermediate


Pumpkin earrings for adults made from seed beads and wire.

Step 1

Using orange seed beads create 11 strands with 23 beads on each strand of wire. 

Step 2

Attach the top of the beaded strand to a jump ring and the same at the bottom, curving the wire strand slightly to form a pumpkin shape. 

Step 3

Using the brown seed beads take four and attach with wire to the top of your pumpkin to form the stalk. 

Step 4

Using 12 seed beads for each leaf, create with the wire two leaves on top of the stalk and with the excess wire create a swirl which will act as the vines which some pumpkins have. 

Step 5

Then attach your earring finding to the top and voilà you have an earring, you will need to repeat each step for a pair of earrings.