Secret Garden Necklace |

Secret Garden Necklace

Step 1

Cut two pieces of 4 inch chain. Cut two pieces of 3.5 inch chain.

Thread a bead cap onto an eyepin, then a green bead, then another bead cap and form a loop at the end. Repeat to make four more.

Step 2

Attach the key charm to a jumpring and link the jumpring through the end loop of the two 3.5 inches of chain.

Thread three small red beads onto an eyepin and make a loop at the end. Connect the end loop onto your leaf charm and repeat to make a second one. Attach each leaf charm and beads onto the chain, either side of the key charm with 1 inch spacing.

Step 3

Attach the two bird charms to a jumpring each and connect them to either side of the necklace, approx.. 1.5 inch from the previous charms.

Take two of your looped green beads and attach them to either end of the chain with jumprings. Connect each side to one piece of 1inch chain. Repeat again to add more green beads and a 4 inch piece of chain on either side.

Step 4

Take the wire from your findings kit, cut 1x 12 inch length and thread on a calotte and a crimp bead. Pass the wire back through the calotte (not through the crimp), squash the crimp bead and close the calotte over it. Thread on your small red gemstone beads (onto the wire and tail end) for approx. 6.5 inches to make the choker.  You can vary the size to fit you and adapt the length and position of it on the necklace accordingly. Finish the end as before. Attach a jumpring to each end of the calotte and link it to the chain about an inch from the previous beads.

Attach your clasp to either end of the chain. Use a jumpring to attach the final green bead to the centre of your choker and attach a leaf charm to the end.