'Secret Garden' Freeform Cuff

Step 1

Cut your Felt into a free form shape.  You may want to use tailor’s chalk to mark three interlocking circles as a general guide for the ‘wave’ effect as pictured.

Step 2

Take your light gold seed beads and stitch around the edge of the felt and free form stitch around the centre. Stitch 2 beads next to each other at a time, or three depending on how thick you would like the line.

Step 3

Cut 20cm of Soutache Cord and roll in a spiral. Make a few stitches on one side of the spiral to hold it together and then stich onto the felt. Repeat this depending on how many spirals you would like on the cuff.

Step 4

Stitch crystals around the spirals. Then fill in the rest of the cuff with seed beads in any pattern you wish.

Step 5

Stitch on the clasp and attach the toggle by stitching it the felts using thread with two seed beads attached.

Step 6

Tidy up overhanging thread using sharp scissors and thread brown delica beads around the edge for a neater finish. You may wish to attach another sheet of felt to the back of the cuff to hide the stitches.