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Seascape Turquoise Bangle Bracelet

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Seascape Turquoise Bangle Bracelet

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Seascape Turquoise Bangle Bracelet

Difficulty: Beginner


Use stunning genuine Turquoise beads to create a sea inspired bangle bracelet.

Step 1

Thread approximately 15 turquoise beads onto headpins. Loop and trim (you may wish to use a 1-Step Looper). 

Thread another 6 or 7 faceted glass beads onto headpins. Loop and trim. Slide onto your bangle base in a random order.

You may wish to add more or less beads to your base, depending on the desired finished look.

Step 2

To secure a cluster of beads together on a bangle, secure using a piece of wire. Loop tightly around the bangle base and trim flush to your beads on both sides. If the wire slides around and isn't tight enough on the bangle, use pliers to squeeze down firmly into place.