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Sea Breeze Bangle

Sea Breeze Bangle

Sea Breeze Bangle

Thank you for viewing our archived gallery design. This design is in the gallery archive because we no longer stock some of the main items used to make this design and we don’t currently have suitable alternatives. However we didn’t want to remove the design completely as we thought it might inspire you. If you’d like to buy all the items needed to create a project please visit our main design gallery and browse our current designs.

Step 1

Cut 3 strands of Soutache cord measuring 30cm each. Line up the Soutache cords together, ensuring the weave of the braids are all pointing in the same direction. Sew through all 3 of the cords at the centre point.

Step 2

Pick up a 6mm pearl. Fold the cords around the pearl and sew out the other side, ensuring the cords are snug against the pearl. Sew through the cords and pearl twice more to re-enforce. Sew 3 shaping stitches to work the cords the rest of the way around the Pearl.

Step 3

Create a 2 sided join (Pinch the cords together as close to the pearl as possible. Your thread should be exiting from one stack of 3 cords. Sew through the other stack of 3 cords. Sew back through all 6 cords twice more.

Step 4

Separate the cords back into 2 stacks of 3. Working on the left hand side stack, sew 3 shaping stitches and pick up and 6mm pearl. Pull both stacks around the pearl and find the centre point of the right hand side stack (the position at which the hole exits the pearl) and sew through the right stack. Sew back through both stacks and the pearl. Sew 3 shaping stitches followed by a 2 sided join. Repeat step 4 eight times.

Step 5

Cut another 3 strands of Soutache cord measuring 30cm each and repeat step 2 to 4.

Step 6

Using a thin layer of glue, stick the cords with pearls into the groove of bangle. Allow to dry completely.

Step 7

Cut 3 strands of Soutache cord measuring 25cm each. Sew 3 ends together and spiral around until your spiral is approx 50mm across in diameter. Sew through the cords to keep the shape.

Step 8

Cut 1 strand of blue cord measuring 15cm. Repeat step 7. Do the same with silver and bronze string.

Step 9

Using the glue, stick the 3 small spirals to the bangle. Then stick the three-coloured spiral on the top and allow to dry.

Step 10

Sew the 4 blue beads to the largest spiral.

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