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Sea Blush Bracelet

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Sea Blush Bracelet

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X-Toho Bugle Seed Beads Size 3 9mm Silver-Lined Aquamarine 10g
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Antique Silver Heart Charms Pack 10 5mm
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Sea Blush Bracelet

Difficulty: Expert


This design is now in our inspirations archive. As this design was created some time ago we sadly no longer stock all the products to create our design, but can still be useful for inspiration.

Learn how to make this lovely litle charm bracelet with seed beads and hearts.

Step 1

Cut a couple of metres of thread and condition using thread conditioner such as ‘thread heaven’(TC97). Put a needle on each end of the thread, so you have 2 needles in total. 


Step 2

Thread on bugle and position it in the centre of the thread.




Step 3

Add 1 seed bead and 1 bugle onto 1 needle. On the other, add 1 seed and go through the bugle with the seed bead either side in the opposite direction.

Continue to do this until you have reached your desired length




Step 4

To make the loops at the end of the bracelet you will need to add 4 seed beads to 1 needle and 3 seed beads to the other. Go through the 4th bead in the opposite direction.

Step 5

Go through 1 new seed bead with both needles.

Step 6

Using 1 needle thread enough seed beads to make a snug loop to fit your crystal. We’ve used 33 seed beads. Tie off and work in ends back into the design.

Step 7

Now turn the bracelet around so you are working on the opposite end of the bracelet. You will now create the other side of the fastener. Cut another length of thread approx.1/2 Metre long and condition.  Thread a needle on both ends. Thread 1 of the needles through the very last bugle bead. Pull the thread through so that the bugle sits in the centre.

Step 8

Add 4 seed beads to 1 needle and 3 seed beads to the other and go through the 4th bead in the opposite direct as in step.

Step 9

Go through 1 new bead with both needles as in step 5.

Step 10

Using 1 needle; thread 3 seed beads, the SWAROVSKI crystal heart and then 3 seed beads

Step 11

Tie off and work in the ends back into the design.


Step 12

Edging, You may notice that you have less seed beads than the seed beads on the bracelet in the photograph. This is because you will need to edge the bracelet. Cut a piece of thread that is a bit longer than that the length of the bracelet. (Remember to condition your thread). Starting at one end attach the thread to the bracelet and add 1 seed bead between each existing seed bead around the top of the bracelet.

Step 13

Bottom Edging

Cut another piece of thread and condition. Start at one end of the bracelet and attach the thread. Add 1 seed bead, go through existing seed bead in between the bugles, add 1 seed bead, 1 metal heart bead charm, 1 seed bead.

Then repeat this pattern until the end.


Step 14

Tie off and work the ends in as before.