Sea Blue Earrings - Jewellery Making Tutorial |

Sea Blue Earrings - Jewellery Making Tutorial

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Sea Blue Earrings - Jewellery Making Tutorial

Designed by: Leah Connolly

Difficulty: Beginner


These Sea Blue Earrings are a great addition to your jewellery collection and perfect for the Summer months. You can change the mix of beads you use to make it unique to you. Happy Beading!

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Designed by Leah Connolly - July 2021

Step 1

These earring are very simple to make and great if you are new to jewellery making. Start by placing the beads onto the earring base, leave around 1cm of the earring base near the end of your last bead added. Push the wire through the small hole in the base. Clamp shut with flat nose pliers. Attach the ear wire using a jump ring. 

To view our mini video tutorial on how to make these earrings - click here.

Step 1