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Sale Make Honey Quartz Spike Necklace

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Sale Make Honey Quartz Spike Necklace

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Sale Make Honey Quartz Spike Necklace

Difficulty: Intermediate


Find out how to make this Sale Make Honey Quartz Spike necklace by following the instructions below.

Step 1

Cut chain to length required to sit correctly when worn (2x 12 links for each side of centre piece)


Step 2

Attach a 20cm length of beading wire to an end of one length of chain using 2 crimps.

Step 3

Thread beads onto wire in your desired pattern.

We did the following pattern,
1 Goldstone, 1 Honey Quartz, 1 Goldstone, 1 Spike, repeat this 4 more times but on the last one do not add the spike.

Step 4

Secure the bead wire to the end of  the chain using two crimps.

Step 5

Add clasp to the end of the chain using jump rings if needed.