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Sale Make Cleopatras Treasures

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Sale Make Cleopatras Treasures

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6100 Swarovski Large Drop Pendant 24x12mm Bermuda Blue Pk1
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Beadalon Silver Plated Crimp Beads 2mm #1 Pk100
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Sale Make Cleopatras Treasures

Difficulty: Intermediate


Find out how to make this Sale make Cleopatra's Treasures necklace by clicking the 'Instructions' button below.

Step 1

Take the silk thread off the card and knot the end. Use the attached needle to thread on a crimp bead. Now thread your beads in the following pattern, 1 x accent colour, 3 x main colour and repeat until you have added 25 accent colour beads.

After the last accent colour bead, thread on the upper clasp, making sure you thread through the part that detaches from the rest of the clasp when you unclip it. Now thread on your beads in the same pattern to match, forming the other side of the necklace.

Step 2

Thread the needle back through the crimp bead in the opposite direction and crimp to secure. Cut off any excess thread and cover using a crimp cover.

Step 3

Open a jump ring and use it to connect the upper clasp to the Phaistos Disk Pendant. Glue the crystal into the chaton setting and leave to dry.

Step 4

Attach a jump ring that attaches the pendant to the clasp. Now use another jump ring to attach the chaton in setting, and a last jump ring to attach your charm.

Step 5

Now you can unclip the pendant and swap it when you want to update your look!