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Aztec Macrame Bracelets - 5 Minute Make

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Aztec Macrame Bracelets - 5 Minute Make

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Mcord ™ / Macramé cord / nylon / 1mm / red / 27m
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Aztec Macrame Bracelets - 5 Minute Make

Difficulty: Beginner


Stuck with what you can do with ball chain? Why not make this easy and quick to make Aztec bracelet. Designed with the beginner in mind, you will whipping these up in no time. What colour Mcord will you choose to make yours with? Enjoy <3

Materials used;

Mcord - 1mm thick
Ball Chain - 3mm or smaller 

And that's it! Let's create!

Step 1

Cut 1 x 1.5m length of Mcord and 2 x 34 ball lengths of Silver ball chain..

Step 2

Leave about 10cm of cord on the end and run the rest up the middle of the ball chain. To start wrap the cord around the back of the ball chain bead on the left then round the front going through the gaps. Hold the cord that runs through the middle.

N.B Do not panic if it starts to twist. It will right itself when you go back up the other way.

Step 3

When you have reached the end come back down the other way to make a V pattern. Making sure your pulling it tight.

Step 4

When you get back down the other end tie a knot.

Step 1

Step 5

Lay the end cords parallel to each other making a circle. Cut a 20cm Piece of Mcord to create a sliding knot.

P.S. If you need help with this step watch this video, click here download the printable instructions here.

It's finished! Show us your colour version on our Facebook Group!