Royal Pearl Bangle |

Royal Pearl Bangle

Information about this project

Designed by: Laura

Difficulty: Beginner


*WANDERLUST COLLECTION* Make your own easy beady glamorous bangle embellished with Swarovski bicones and tiny Swarovski pearl beads.

Step 1

Cut an armspan of thread and add a stopper bead (add a bead and thread through it again leaving a 20cm tail - make sure you don't spear the thread as you pass through the bead the second time).

Step 2

Thread up and out of the front of your bangle through one of the small holes, the stopper bead will keep the tail thread on the other side of the bangle for you to weave in later on. You will remove the stopper bead later too. 

Step 3

Pick up 2 bicone beads and thread down through a small hole on the other side of the bangle. 
Step sideways on the underside of the bangle, miss one small hole and come up through the next small hole. 
Pick up 2 bicone beads again and thread down through the opposite side. Miss a small hole and thread up through the next hole. Repeat this pattern until you have added 12 pairs of bicone beads. 

Step 4

Once you've attached the last 2 bicone beads, thread back upwards.
Thread through one bicone, pick up a pearl and thread down through the bicone on the opposite side in the next pair of bicones.
This should sit your pearl in the middle of a group of 4 bicones. 
Repeat this all the way down your bangle until you have added 11 pearls.
See the image.

Step 5

Thread back down through the hole you started from and remove your stopper bead from the first step. Knot the two threads together twice on the underside. Weave your working thread back upwards into your beadwork to secure it within the design. Create small knots along the way, and continue weaving until you are confident the design is secure and won't unravel. Repeat this with your other tail thread and trim off any excess thread when you are happy with your design.