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Royal Fringe Necklace

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Royal Fringe Necklace

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Royal Fringe Necklace

Designed by: Joanne

Difficulty: Expert


Learn how to make this Royal Fringe Necklace using stunning Toho round seed beads in Higher Metallic Dragonfly, frosted navy Preciosa pressed twin hole tila beads, and Swarovski crystal bicone pendants.

Step 1

For this pattern we will refer to the size 11 seed beads as A, the size 8 seed beads as B  and the Preciosa tila square beads as C.

Step 2

Making the two sides of the necklace -
For the two straps down the sides of the necklace you will need to use a slightly altered St. Petersburg stitch. 

Step 3

Cut approx. 9ft of thread. 
Thread on 1C, 3A , 1B and 3A's leaving an 8" tail. 
Thread your working cord back through the same hole (left hand hole) in your C bead to form a loop that will be the first fringe loop on the outside of your necklace. 
Next, pass your thread down the other (right hand) hole on the C bead.

Step 4

Thread through a second C bead like before. 
Thread back up through the first 3 A beads and back down through the C bead you just added. 
This keeps the square beads secure to the fringes along the edge. 

Thread on 3A beads, 1B and 3 more A's underneath this C bead. 
Thread up through the left hole in the C bead like before.
Carry on up through the right hand hole in the previous C bead.
Thread on 1A, 1B and 3A's.
Pass down through the right hand hole of the 2nd square C bead added.

Step 5

Repeat the pattern in step 4 until you have used 31 square C beads.

Step 6

When you get to the 32nd C bead, add 3 A beads like before, then a size 11 B beads, a bicone charm bead, another size 11 B bead after the bicone and then your 3 A beads. 
Stitch the 33rd and 35th normally.
Add a bicone charm on the 34th and 36th. 

Leave the thread and this strap and put to one side.

Step 7

Repeat the previous steps entirely to make the other side of the necklace.

Step 8

Place the two straps you have made in a V shape with the bicone beads on the outer edges. 

Using the working thread from the 36th stitched section on the left half of the necklace, thread up through 1C bead through its left hand hole, thread down through the right hand hole of 36th C bead and back up through the left hand hole of the new C bead (securing the two square beads together).
Thread on 1A, 1B and 1A bead.
Thread down through the right hand hole of the newest square C bead. 
Pass up through the 36th C bead on the other necklace strap and repeat the securing process of threading around where the square beads touch. 
This makes the row of 3 square beads shown in the image. 

Step 9

Thread down through the right hand hole of the C bead on the right hand side.
Thread down the 3A beads before the bicone charm, and up through a new square C beads right hand side. 
Thread back down the 3 A beads again to secure.
Thread up the newest C beads right hole, up through the left hole of the C above it, down the right hand hole of the C bead to the left and through the left hand hole of the C bead below. 
Add another C bead next to the lowest C bead and thread around the two to secure them together. 
Thread up through the C beads to the left, and above to secure the two levels of beads together. 

See the image if you need help on where the beads should sit. 

Step 10

Thread down through one of the two C beads (through the inside holes) to add another underneath, secure by threading in and out of the beads above it.

Step 11

See image for numbered beads. Starting on the right hand side, thread down through the right hole of number 39C.
Thread on 1B bead, 3A beads, 1B bead, 2A beads, 1 B bead, a bicone charm, 1 B bead, 2 A beads and back up through the B, 3A's and 1 B to reach your square C bead again. 
Thread up through the C bead and down through the left hole to repeat the bicone fringe underneath C beads 38 and 40. 
You will finish underneath C bead 40 with an extra B bead underneath the left hole. 

Step 12

Thread your cord in and around this section to secure. Trim the thread after knotting or adding a drop of glue.

Step 13

Add your clasp to the tips of the necklace using a jumpring to attach to the soldered ring on your lobster clasp and the other soldered ring for the clasp to link to.