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Rosie Glow Bracelet

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Rosie Glow Bracelet

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Nunn Design Antique Gold Jump Rings 1x5mm Pk10
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Kumihimo Findings Set 6mm Barrel Gold Plated
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X Nunn Design Antique Gold Bird Charm 19x20mm Pk1
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Black Floral Fabric Round Cord 6.5mm 1metre
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Rosie Glow Bracelet

Designed by: Holly Eve

Difficulty: Beginner


Make a cute floral bracelet with shining gold findings and a pretty bird charm from Nunn Design. 

Step 1

Measure your wrist for how long you need your bracelet to be. Cut a length of floral cord measuring approx. 1" shorter than this measurement. 

Cut a length of sewing thread and secure it to one end of your floral cord with some knots. Do this by sewing through the cord a few times and knotting. 

Step 2

Thread your seed beads onto this thread and wind it around the floral cord. Continue to add more seed beads until you have wound it around the cord about 8 times, and reached the other end of the cord with beads. Secure this sewing thread to the other end of your floral cord in the same way as you did to attach it at the other end. 

Step 3

Take your slider bead charm with the loop on it, and attach your bird charm to it using a jumpring. Thread this slider charm onto your bracelet, over the beads until you are happy with where it is positioned. You could sew it in place on the underside of your cord if you don't want it to move out of place. 

Step 4

Finally, glue each of the end caps onto each end of your floral cord. Push a couple of seed beads into the cord end alongside the cord. This will make the cord end fit tighter and more securely.