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Rose Violet Necklace

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Rose Violet Necklace

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Gold Plated Iron Headpins 50mm (2 inch) Pk100
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Rose Violet Necklace

Designed by: Laura

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make this Rose Violet Necklace using rose gold findings, charms and brand new Preciosa bicones!

Step 1

Measure 3 lengths of cord measuring approx. 30".

Step 2

Combine one end of each cord and squash your extension chain cord ends to secure them together.

Step 3

Create a knot approx 2.5" below this cord end with all 3 cords. 

Step 4

Take the centre cord below this knot and approx. 2.5" below the knot, knot this single cord.
Thread on a large copper bicone. Knot on the other side of the bead.

Step 5

Take this centre cord and one of the other cords and knot them together approx 0.75" below your last knot. Thread on a rose gold charm carrier and knot the two cords on the other side of the carrier.

Step 6

Take the centre cord again and knot a large copper bicone onto the cord approx. 0.75" from the last knot. 

Step 7

Take the centre cord and the loose 3rd cord you haven't used yet and knot them together, thread on a charm carrier and knot again. 

Step 8

Knot the centre cord and thread on a large copper bicone approx. 0.75" from the last knot. 

Step 9

Attach a jumpring to your rose gold large heart charm and thread this onto the centre cord. 
Knot the three cords together to create the centre of the necklace with the rose gold charm hanging in the centre of the knot. 
You could alternatively knot on either side of the rose gold heart charm. 

Step 10

Repeat the previous steps to replicate the pattern on the other side of the necklace. 

Attach your chocolate violet bicone beads to the charm carriers on your necklace by threading them onto a headpin, trimming and looping and threading onto a jumpring.