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Rose Star Bracelet

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Rose Star Bracelet

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Rose Star Bracelet

Designed by: Holly Eve

Difficulty: Beginner


Create a sparkling silk ribbon bracelet with rose gold findings and matching charms. Why not try making this with 3 strands of silk and try plaiting them together along the bracelet?

Step 1

Cut 2 lengths of silk ribbon measuring 1.5" shorter than your wrist measurement. 

Thread your main moon/horn shaped charm to the middle of both ribbons together and thread your star beads along the single ribbons to where you would like to position them. You will need to roll the ribbon and pinch it through the star beads as the hole is a little smaller than the ribbon width. Try using pointed pliers to pull the ribbon through if you struggle. 

Step 1

Step 2

Thread your moon beads onto the single strands or onto double strands if you want. 

Bring two ends of ribbon together and add a couple of drops of glue. This will darken the ribbon and soak along it. Trim this dark ribbon down to a few mm's long. Once it is dry and the two ribbons are stuck together, add some glue into your cord end and press the ribbon into the cord end. Let this dry. 

Step 1

Step 3

If you are unhappy with the amount of glue showing or the ribbon isn't sticking into the cord end, try folding the glued section on itself and slot this into the cord end to dry. If it isn't secure in the cord end, try adding a small amount of glue on the underside of the bracelet so any dark glue on the ribbon will be against your wrist when you wear it. 

Step 1

Step 4

Finish your design by attaching a jumpring and your clasp to one side of the bracelet.

Onto the other end, add a jumpring, your star connector charm and another few jumprings together. 

Step 1