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Rose Quartz Bracelet

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Rose Quartz Bracelet

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Satin Cord 0.5mm Fuchsia 5m
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Rose Quartz Bracelet


What you will need...

1x Rose Quartz Round [EX3378]
1x Rose Quartz faceted Nugget [EX2825]
1x Pink Waxed Nylon Cord [TC344]
1x Fuchsia Satin Cord [TC497]

Step 1. Thread your Rose Quartz Nuggets on to the Satin Cord. We threaded on a total of 7 beads.
Step 2. Using the Satin Cord as the centre cord, you will need to create the Shamballa Sliding KnotWe created a total of 12 full square knots.To find out how to make square knots follow this link and read Steps 7-8
Step 3. Add a round rose quartz bead to each end and tie a double knot.