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Rose Pearl Netted Collar

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Rose Pearl Netted Collar

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Rose Pearl Netted Collar

Designed by: Sarah Millsop

Difficulty: Beginner


Make a sparkling collar necklace with seed beads and Swarovski pearls!
You can find all the components required in the 'Materials Needed' list.

Step 1

Step 1. Thread a needle onto about 120cm of thread. String
the following beads: 16x seed, 1x4mm pearl, 1x seed bead,
one side of your toggle clasp and 1 more seed bead.
Position 15cm from the end of the thread. Pass the needle
back through the pearl and the seed beads taking care not to
spear the thread as you go. Pull the thread through so that
the single seed bead comes up against the pearl.

Step 2

Step 2. String the following beads: 1x pearl, 9x seed, 4x pearl.
Go through the first pearl of the four you’ve just strung, going in
the same direction – avoid spearing the thread. Once you’ve
gone through the first pearl pull the thread most of the way
through. Then push this pearl up against the seed beads and
pull the thread the rest of the way through. This will ensure
there is no thread showing. If it’s easier lay the bead work on
your bead mat. The next photo shows how they should sit.

Step 3

Step 3. String 9 seed beads then go through first 4mm pearl
strung in the previous step. N.B. to avoid confusion in the
remaining photos we’ve woven the short tail into the bead
work. You can do this too if you wish or leave it till later. Knot
the thread to the work and add a dab of glue if desired.

Step 4

Step 4. Pick up the following beads: 7x seed, 1x pearl,
6x seed. Pass the needle through the third seed bead strung
in the previous step.

Step 5

Step 5. String 2 seeds and 4 pearls. Form the pearls into a
diamond as you did in step 2. String 9 seed beads then go
through first 4mm pearl strung in the previous step. Repeat
steps 4 & 5 until the necklace is about 4cm shorter than the
desired length. You’ll need to add more thread as you work
so stop when you’ve 15cm of old thread left and secure to
the work with a slip knot then weave into the bead work.
Reverse the move to add the new piece.

Step 6

Along your design you may need to add more thread. to do this, weave your remaining thread back into your beadwork, knotting along the way over the thread holding the beads, and securing it inside your past work. Trim off any excess when you are happy it won't unravel. Take a new, long length of thread and reverse the process, starting a couple of inches into the design and weaving outwards towards where you finished adding beads. Then continue your design.

Step 7

Step 6. Once your necklace is as long as you'd like, exit the last top pearl and add 16 seed beads, a pearl, 2 seed beads and the other half of your clasp. Thread back down through the pearl and continue through your work. Thread through your necklace, zig-zagging to lose your thread within the beads. Create knots along the way to secure further and continue to hide your thread until you think your clasp will stay in place securely. Feel free to cut a new long length of thread and reinforce the two clasp ends, repeating the process of weaving around the design to secure.