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Rose Gold Pearl and Chain Necklace

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Designed by: Sarah Millsop

Difficulty: Intermediate


Create a unique necklace out of your Take A Make Break Kit. Once you've made your stylish bag charm, why not use all your left over chain, pearls and charms to make a stunning rose gold necklace!

Step 1

Cut approx. 22" (less or more depending on your preference).

Step 2

Create 10 pearl charms by threading a pearl of your choice onto an eyepin, looping and trimming the other end to make an identical loop. 

Step 3

Attach a pearl charm onto each side of your chain.
Next, cut or open a link, and attach a single link onto the other side of your pearl charm. 
Repeat this pattern so you have 5 pearl charms inbetween single chain links on each side of your necklace. 
Finish by adding a chain of 3 links to both of the last pearl charms and connect these to a split ring. 

Step 4

Create your necklaces pendant by attaching pearls and leaf charms to lengths of chain hanging from the split ring. (See image)