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'Rose Garden' Necklace

Information about project:

'Rose Garden' Necklace

Difficulty: Intermediate


Create this 'Rose Garden' Necklace using Fimo Clay.

Step 1

To create a basic Rose shape using clay, first take a pinch of clay (pea sized). Flatten the clay with your fingers and mold into a 'C' shape. Gently press one end of the 'C' together. This will form the centre of your rose.

Step 2

To create more petals, repeat the first step without creating the 'C' shape. Gently press this flattened clay onto the centre petal created in Step 1 and build up your rose. You may want to slightly vary the amount of clay used for each petal and slightly manipulate them to give a realistic appearance. Push the completed roses onto a flat surface gently, then trim excess to create a flat surface on the back of the rose.

Step 3

To create the leaves, take approximately 5x5cm of green clay, and flatten using your hands or a rolling tool. Use scissors to cut leaf shapes and place behind the Roses you have created. Use a blunt knife to create leaf detailing. You may wish to use a thin but flattened strip of green clay to hold the roses together at the back of the necklace.