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Rosaline Beaded Ring

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Rosaline Beaded Ring

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Rosaline Beaded Ring

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make this Rosaline Beaded Ring using shimmering bronze seed beads and a stunning rose gold plated ring base.

Step 1

Cut a length of thread measuring an arm span long.

Step 2

Thread through your ring base and attach a stopper bead on the inside of the ring near an edge.
This shouldn't affect how the ring fits the wearer. 
Attach this stopper bead securely before you start sewing.

Step 3

Start at one end with your lighter seed beads and sew two rows of these with the seed beads on the outside of the ring. 

Step 4

Sew another two rows of darker bronze seed beads. 
Continue to sew rough rows of seed beads in alternating colours until you reach the other end. 

Step 5

Knot the cord on the underside and attach another stopper bead if you think it will secure your beads better.