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Rocket Necklace

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Rocket Necklace

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Beadalon Supplemax Monofilament Illusion Cord 0.25mm Clear 50m
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'Ocean Calm' Seed Bead Mix Assorted Sizes/Shapes 10g
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Beadalon Silver Plated Crimp Beads 2mm #1 Pk100
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X-Silver Plated Iron Jumprings 6mm 0.8mm Thick Pk100
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Rocket Necklace

Difficulty: Beginner


Make this beautiful Rocket Necklace using Preciosa Candy beads and seed beads. 

Step 1

Cut 40cm line, then thread two needles onto each end of the line.

Next take 7  (size 15) seed beads , one white candy thread then onto  the middle of the line then thread one of the needles through the candy  (same hole) to make a loop.

Next take one  SB , one crystal , one SB  thread on each side of the line of the candy bead then thread each side through the candy bead bottom hole and through  the opposite seed bead .

Step 2

Take two blue candy beads thread one on either side of the first white candy bead add a third blue candy  and cross each needle through the top hole in the  last blue Candy bead so it makes a ring .

Note : the candy beads have two holes and so you need to thread them:- right bead thread through the left hole ,left bead through the right hole and the centre bead through the top hole as you need to be able to thread seed beads down either side afterwards.

Step 3

Make four rings with the seed and crystals as before so  you end up with five rings altogether in alternative colours .

Step 4

Don’t add the SB and crystal to this ring  but instead thread through the blue candy on either side that you have just put on and thread  through the holes you have just threaded then add the last two blue  candy beads and then through the next hole of the  next two blue candy’s  going to the bottom of the rocket . Don’t cut the line as you need these ends afterwards  for the tassels later , put a stop bead on them.

Step 5

Cut a new line of thread about 30cm with the two needles on , go back to the first blue  candy bead and pass on needle through the bottom hole of the bead and through the seed bead and add two seed beads and through the spare holes.  making sure to keep the work in the middle of the thread .

Working down either side of the rocket thread three SB down through the sides of the holes that we left free in the candy beads . when you get to the last blue candy beads replace the middle seed bead with a crystal then  thread through the last blue candy beads on either side to make the tassels.

Step 6

To make the tassels thread on three SB and a crystal three SB and a crimp ( don’t crimp it yet ) then two SB then  thread a dagger through the top and add 2 SB thread  back through the hole of the dagger add two more SB sew through the top hole add two SB and back through the crimp . pull tight crimp and trim it . Make the other three tassels then just thread a new piece of line through hole in the middle bottom blue candy bead to make the last two tassels .

Step 7

Add a jump ring at the top of the rocket and a chain then add clasp and now your finished .