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Rich Rose Necklace

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Rich Rose Necklace

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Rich Rose Necklace

Difficulty: Expert


Follow the tutorial on how to make this 'Rich Rose'  necklace using seed beads and Swarovski faceted round crystals.

Step 1

To make centrepiece
Cut 2 metres of nymo thread and condition.  Thread through needle and double up tying knot at the end.

Step 2

Thread through one hole in centre of the seive making sure that you pass needle back up   between both bits of thread to hold it onto the disk.

Step 3

Using size 15 seed beads pick up any number of beads or colour combinations onto the needle (minimum 10 beads) and pass needle back down through next hole along.

Step 4

Bring needle back up into the next hole along and repeat step 3 and 4 until entire sieve is covered.

Step 5

Once sieve is covered in seed beads, bring needle back up into any hole on disk and thread 1        swarovski crystal onto needle.  Pass back down next hole along as previously done with        seed beads.   Place crystals anywhere you feel would look best.

Step 6

Once all 3 crystals are in place, pass needle back down and turn sieve over.  Push needle under the threads on the back to tie off.  To tie off, half push needle under threads and wrap spare thread around needle 3 times then pull through to create knot.  (Glue can be used for extra security on knot if you wish).

Step 7

Cut another piece of thread 1 metre and condition.  Tie onto bottom faster loop on sieve (you should have 2 attachment loops at the top and one at the bottom) and thread on as many size 15 seed beads as you wish, placing 1 AC1089 crystal at the end   followed by 1 size 15 seed bead.  Miss the last seed bead and pass needle back up through the crystal and all seed beads above it back to the ring.  Repeat until you have as many tassle strings as you want and tie off.

Step 8

To make Necklace
Cut and condition 2 metres of nymo thread.

Step 9

Pick up 6 size 11 seed beads and pass through the left hand attachment ring then pass the needle back through the six seed beads to form a ring  remembering to leave a 6 inch tail for tying off at the end.

Step 10

Pass needle through the seed beads and the ring several times to make sure it is secure.

Step 11

Pick up 10 size 11 seed beads and one AC1090 crystal.  Repeat process until you have desired length. In this case 16 crystals were used.

Step 12

After you have completed the last lot of 10 seed beads, add 3 more seed beads then one half of the clasp then 3 more seed beads.  Pass needle back up the first 3 beads, through the clasp and the last 3 seed beads to form a ring as done when attaching the chain to the centrepiece.

Step 13

Repeat several times till clasp secure.

Step 14

Once secure pick up 10 size 11 seed beads and pass back through the crystal only.  Repeat this process until back at the start point on the centrepiece.  Again pass needle though the circle of beads made at the start of this chain and once secure tie off.  Remember to tie off   the tail thread.

Step 15

Repeat steps 1-7 for second side of chain.