Make this Rebel Renaissance bracelet using items from the spring sale. |

Rebel Renaissance Bracelet Sale Make

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Rebel Renaissance Bracelet Sale Make

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5000 Swarovski Crystal Faceted Rounds 3mm Jet Pk12
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Rebel Renaissance Bracelet Sale Make

Difficulty: Beginner


Stuck with what you can do with Spikes? Just follow the instructions to make the 'Rebel Renaissance' bracelet to match the earrings, using acrylic spikes from the spring sale.

Step 1

Whist the elastic is still on the reel start threading on the spike beads alternating thecolours with a swarovski bead inbetwen each spike.

Step 2

Once happy with the size tie it off with a double knot. For extra security thread the elastic through twice and add a dab of nail varnish on the knot.

Step 3

Then thread the elastic through the bottom holes and add the round beads to mirror the top. Then repeat step 2.