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Rebel Radiance Turquoise Sparkle Bracelet

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Rebel Radiance Turquoise Sparkle Bracelet

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X- Essential Crystal 6mm Bicones Turquoise AB Pk50
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Rebel Radiance Turquoise Sparkle Bracelet


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What you will need...

1x Chinese Crystal 6mm Bicone Turquoise AB [BG1467]
3x Acrylic Metallised Rhodium Bridge Spikes [MB522]
1x Elasticity Elastic Cord [TC90]

(Please note: For a small wrist size of approx. 15cm (5 ¾”) you will need to purchase 2x MB522. For wrist sizes any larger than this you will need to purchase 3xMB522)

This Rebel Radiance bracelet will bring out your rebellious side! With so many layers of spikes you might expect this bracelet to be heavy, but it’s actually light as a feather and easy to wear. You can personalise your Rebel Radiance bracelet by choosing your colour of crystals and then simply create it by threading on to elastic. Create your Rebel Radiance bracelet to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

STEP 1: Cut 2 pieces of elastic approx. 40cm long. Thread one piece through each hole on the spike, making sure the spike is pointing upwards.

STEP 2: Thread one crystal bead on to each strand of elastic and then thread through another spike. Repeat this process until you have added approx. 20 spikes (to fit a small wrist) or enough spikes to fit your wrist. As you are threading, ensure all the spikes are pointing upwards.

 STEP 3: Carefully tie the ends of one strand of elastic together to form the bracelet, making sure your beads don’t fall off the other strand while you are working. Now tie the other strand. Add a dab of clear nail varnish to secure the knot, and cut off any excess elastic.