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Rebel Radiance Black Sparkle Bracelet

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What you will need...
1x Black Flat Leather [TC562]
3x Antique Silver Zamak Spike Charm [CR238]
2x Antique Silver Zamak Slider Charm with Czech Crystals [CR240]
1x Antique Silver Magnetic Clasp [F851]
1x Fevi Kwik [W270]

The black sparkle Rebel Radiance bracelet is luxurious, bold and striking. The genuine flat leather is soft to touch and will drape beautifully around your wrist. This stunning design uses high quality zamak spikes and zamak slider charm beads that will not tarnish. The slider beads are also packed with glittering Czech crystals that soften this edgy design with some sparkle. Your black sparkle Rebel Radiance bracelet is sure to create impact, so why not bring out your inner rebel!

STEP 1: Thread on your beads in the following order: zamak spike, slider charm bead, zamak spike, slider charm bead, zamak spike. Position them so the centre spike sits in the middle of your leather cord.

STEP 2: Slide the centre spike along the leather slightly and place a dab of glue in its place. Slide the spike back over the glue to secure it into position. Repeat with each of the spikes and charm beads, leaving a small gap between each.  Allow the glue to dry.

STEP 3: Measure the leather so it wraps around your wrist once either side of the centre strand that holds the spikes and charm beads (making a total of 3 wraps around your wrist). Cut to length. Open the clasp and glue one part to either end of leather. Close the clasp when the glue is dry.

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Rebel Radiance Bracelet