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Raspberry Ripple

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Raspberry Ripple

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Beadalon 7 Strand Flexible Beading Wire 'Bright' 0.012in 30ft
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Silver Plated Heart Toggle Clasp Set 18mm 24x22mm Pk2
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Raspberry Ripple

Difficulty: Intermediate


This vibrant "Raspberry Ripple" Collection is made using gorgeous Jasper and Jade beads. The stunning Picture Jasper pendant is delicately wrapped with contrasting wire. A real statement!

Step 1

Necklace - Thread on to wire 11 raspberry Jade beads followed by 16 Jasper beads with a raspberry Jade bead in the middle. End on a raspberry Jade bead. For the pendant, follow these instructions to wire wrap your pendant. Slide the pendant onto the wire once wrapped. Repeat the bead pattern in reverse to match the opposite side of the necklace. Trim your wire, leaving approximately 2 inches on each side. Crimp each end onto one part of the toggle clasp and trim flush.

Step 2

Bracelet - Thread approximately 15 raspberry Jade beads onto wire with a Jasper bead in between each. You should start and finish on a Jade bead. Trim the wire with approximately 2 inches left either side. Crimp each end onto one half of the toggle clasp. Trim flush.