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Rainbow Waterfall Necklace | New Swarovski Innovations

Information about project:

Rainbow Waterfall Necklace | New Swarovski Innovations

Designed by: Laura

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make the Rainbow Waterfall Necklace inspired by the Swarovski Spring/Summer 2017 innovations - The Balance of Nature. This sparkling design uses a mixture of bright Swarovski bicone crystals, becharmed beads and charms.

Step 1

Take your length of chain and remove one link using pliers. Put this to one side, you will use it at the end.
Add a jumpring to either end of your silver chain and attach a lobster clasp to one of these. 
Leave your chain long and undone. 
Measure 16cm's from one end and cut the link you come to. 
Repeat this from the other end of the chain.
You should now have 3 lengths of chain. Keep the chain sat where it was before it was cut.

Step 2

Take a silver eyepin and thread on a yellow bicone, a 6mm blue bicone, one of your spiked blue becharmed beads, a 6mm blue bicone and another yellow bicone. Trim and loop the pin above the last bead.
Repeat this to create a second eyepin charm.

In the gaps between the chains, attach the charms you created using jumprings. 

Step 3

Next, create the centre droplets for the middle of the necklace. Follow the image and thread your bicone beads onto eyepins. Trim and loop some eyepins to create differing lengths. 
Attach your Swarovski charms to the ends of the eyepins using silver jumprings. 
Connect your central droplet charm to the centre link using the spare link you saved. Connect the rest using jumprings.