Learn how to make the Rainbow Droplet Necklace | beadsdirect.co.uk

Rainbow Droplet Necklace

Step 1

Create a long length of bead chain for the lowest layer of the necklace.
Then create a slightly shorter length and a final shortest length for the layers. 
Create each link by threading a bead onto an eyepin, trimming and looping to secure the bead on the pin.
There will be a mixture of single beads on pins and 3 beads on an eyepin.

Attach the beads in the following order as shown on the image.

Step 2

Cut 2 lengths of chain measuring 4".
Attach these to each end of the longest length of beaded chain.
Cut 2 lengths of chain measuring 4 links.
Attach these to the 4" chains on either side and attach the medium length chain to these.
Repeat this with 2 lengths of 5 links for the shortest length of beaded chain. 
See the image for where to attach the short lengths of chain. 

Step 3

You may wish to alter the beads on the necklace so that the layers sit evenly apart. 

Once you are happy with your necklace layers, attach a lobster clasp at the back of the necklace.