Follow each of the steps to make all the 'Rainbow Delight' designs |

Rainbow Delight Collection

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Rainbow Delight Collection

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Rainbow Delight Collection

Designed by: Leah Connolly

Difficulty: Intermediate


Follow each of the steps to make the complete collection of 'Rainbow Delight' designs, using mutli coloured shell chips and silver findings kit.

Step 1


Cut three strands of wire measuring 50cm in length.

Now attach all three strands of wire to a jump ring using your crimp beads.

Then thread on 2 crimp beads to one of your strands and start adding 3 chip beads of the same colour, then add 1 silver bead.

Repeat another 12 times alternating the colours.

Now add 2 more crimp beads and attach your clasp to your wire using a third crimp bead.

Position the beads in the middle of the wire and then crimp the two crimps either side of the beads to hold them in place.

Repeat this for the other two strands.

To create the extension chain attach jump rings together, then place a silver bead and 3 chip beads onto a head pin and attach this to your extension chain.

Step 2

Earrings 1

Place 1 silver bead and 2 blue chip beads onto a headpin, cut to size and make a loop to attach to your earwire.

Step 3

Earrings 2

Use 3 headpins thread on 1 silver bead and 3 chips. Attach 1 of the headpins 2 your earwire and cut the other two to your desired length. Then attach the other two headpins to your earwire.

Step 4


Cut two strands of wire measuring 30mm in length. Attach both strands to your clasp and using one strand thread 5 chips onto the wire and 1 larger silver bead. Repeat until your desired length and attach the wire to a large jump ring. Now start adding the beads to your 2nd strand and thread the wire through the large silver bead on the 1st strand. Once the correct length attach your wire to your jump ring using a crimp beads.