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Queen of the Fairies Titania Pendant Necklace

Queen of the Fairies Titania Pendant Necklace

Queen of the Fairies Titania Pendant Necklace

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What you will need...

1x Silver Plated Iron Grid [CR294]
1x Pack Silver Plated Filigree Flower Charm [CR300]
1x Pack Silver Plated Jumpring 4mm [F1085]
1x Pack Swarovski Crystal AB Flatback [AC830]
1x Pack Swarovski Crystal Round [AC181]
3x Packs Swarovski Glass Bead 4mm [HH25]
1x Pack Swarovski Pearl Hotfix [HH133]
1x Bead Cord Griffin Perlseide [TC25]
1x Handcuff Style Clasp [F839]
1x Pack Beading Crimp [FCR1]
1x Pack Crimp Covers [F771]
1x Glue Hypo Cement [W139]

The Queen of the Fairies Titania Necklace is a high quality, luxury piece. The separate flowers create movement and the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystals add glamour. This long necklace can be worn over simple clothing to catch the eye. Feel like a Queen when you Take a Make Break this weekend.


STEP 1: Take 25 flower charms. Squeeze some glue on to a piece of scrap paper and use tweezers to place a flat back crystal into the glue, applying to the flat area. Place the crystal into the centre of the flower and leave to dry. Repeat until you have 11 flowers with pearl centres and 14 with crystal centres.

STEP 2: Open a jump ring. Thread on a pearl centre flower charm placing the ring through a hole on the middle row (NOT the petals). Attach to the bottom hole on the earring base and close the jump ring.

STEP 3: Repeat step 1, adding a flower charm to each hole on the earring base following the pattern in the picture. There are 25 in total, and we found starting at the bottom and working upwards worked best.  You will need to make sure each jump ring is threaded through in the same way to make the flower charms lie properly.

STEP 4: Use a crimp bead to attachyour silk cord toone part of the clasp. Cover with a crimp cover. Thread on 10 pearl beads, followed by a faceted round bead.

STEP 5: Continue threading beads until you have added 7 sets of 10 pearls, and don’t add a faceted round after the last set of pearls.

STEP 6: Attach a jump ring to the top hole of the pendant you created earlier and thread this after the last set of pearls. Now add another 7 of 10 pearls followed by a crystal and continue in this pattern until you have added 7 sets of pearls, matching the other side.

STEP 7: Attach the other side of the clasp using a crimp, andcover with a crimp cover.Cut off any excess thread.