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Purple Regale Bracelets

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Difficulty: Beginner


The 'Purple Regale' Bracelets are the first designs in our brand new 'Beautiful Budget Designs' section!

Using sumptious purple mixed with Chinese crystal, you can create a truly royal stack of bracelets. And what's best? You can make all FOUR of these bracelets for less than £10 - with beads leftover for your future makes!

Step 1

Purple & Crystal mix bracelet (1) - For the mixed bracelet, simply thread your purple and crystal beads onto the Stretch Magic alternately. Add one purple bead, followed by one crystal bead and repeat as necessary until the correct length is acheived. Then cut the elastic to length, pull tight, knot and trim any excess elastic away. 

Step 2

Crystal only bracelets (2) - Simply thread on the crystal beads to the Stretch Magic until the correct length bracelet is acheived. Cut the elastic, pull tight, know and trim away excess elastic. You will need to repeat this to create the second bracelet.


Step 3

Purple only bracelet (1) - Repeat as above using the purple beads.