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Purple Paracord Bracelet

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Difficulty: Intermediate


To learn how to make this bracelet you need to know how to make a sqaure knot, you can watch our video tutorial in 'related videos' below. Alternatively you can download our PDF

For a 5 1/2 inch wrist we used just under 2 metres of paracord. We have not cut the cord at any point-we have used 1 continuous length. 

Step 1

Cut 2 meters of paracord (this is enough for a 5 1/2 inch wrist)

Step 2

Fold the paracord in half  to make a loop at the one end and hook the lobster clasp keyring to it.

Step 3

Now loop the other end of the paracord (the bit with 2 ends) through the D loop on the bottom of the lobster clasp keyring, to get the right length to fit around your wrist and then add extra 2 cm to that length. (as the weave will make it a bit fatter)

Step 4

Keep going to until about 2cm from the end with the loop. Burn off the excess ends (not the loop) using a thread zapper and smooth down to secure.