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Purple Heart Earrings

Step 1

Cut approximately 10 cm of thread. This will be seen so make sure you use a colour that compliments your bicones. Go though a 3mm clear bicone followed by you 8mm bicone then go though a purple followed by a clear and another purple bicone and finish with another 3mm clear bicone

Step 2

Tie a knot and go all the way back though to the top. Tie another knot and go though the first two bicone. Then go though another purple, clear and purple bicones and though another 3mm bicone and this time go though the first set of bicones instead of the set you just put on. Repeat this step so you have three sets of bicones.

Step 3

Now Push an eye pin though your middle set of bicones to give it rigidity. Then on either end turn a loop. On one side add your earring finding and the other add two jump rings with one having the heart crystal on.

Repeat all the steps for your second earring.