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Difficulty: Intermediate


If you have mastered the Macrame knot why not try knotting it onto some chain instead whilst using our lovely suede cord.

Step 1. Firstly, make your chain the same length as half of your wrist.

Step 2. Cut approx. 30cm of white suede cord. Loop through the first link of the chain and tie a knot. Make sure the knot sits in the centre of the bracelet. ( This will be hidden once you have knotted over it.)

Step 3. Your white cord will be used as the centre cord. Then thread approx. 40 cm (we always overestimate) of purple cord on to the first link of the chain-next to your centre cord. The purple cord needs to be threaded through by about 4cm.

Step 4. Next thread approx. 40 cm of white cord on to the first link of the chain-next to your centre cord. This white cord also needs to be treaded through by about 4cm. You will now have a purple strand, a white centre strand and another white strand.

Step 5. With your outer cords you can now begin to square knot over the centre cord and the 2-4cm ends.

When you are happy with the total length of the bracelet, tie the Suede Cord to the chain.

Step 6. Trim off any access/  For security add a dap of Fevi Kwik