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Pumpkin Pendant

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Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make your own wire Pumpkin Pendant, perfect for Halloween!

Step 1

Using 50cm 1.2 mm copper wire, form the outline of a pumpkin in the centre of the wire, like a squashed heart. Bend the tails of wire upwards creating right angles near the top, where you will form your bail. 

Step 2

 Cut 2, 1m lengths of the 0.6 mm copper wire. 

Step 3

Using your fingers, gently make loops while keeping the 2 wires together. 

Step 4

Use the ends of the wire to secure your loops to the frame. Once it is attached, manipulate your looped wires to fit the pumpkin frame.

Step 5

Use another piece of 0.6 mm wire. This piece of wire will be used to coil around the frame.

Step 6

When you are coiling, some of the looped wire is near the edge of the frame. Use the coiling wire to attach the loop to the edge.

Step 7

Once you have coiled around the entire pendant,secure and hide the wire. 

Step 8

To make the bail, use the 0.6 mm wire to wrap 11cm of the 2 frame wires you left vertically at the top. Wrap your wire in and out between the two vertical frame wires. Continue doing this for 11cm. Secure and trim off any excess. Use your flat nose pliers to hide any sharp ends.

Step 9

Use your round nose pliers to gently curve the bail around to the back.

Step 10

Wrap the wires around the base of the bail to make it secure. Then use your round nose pliers to create a couple of swirls to finish.

Step 11

Cut 50cm of 0.6mm copper wire.
String on 10 bicones this will become the pumpkins mouth.

Step 12

Find where you want the mouth to be, and thread the wire though the nearest loop, so that it is resting behind the pendant.

Step 13

Then do the same with the other end of the mouth. Find where your eye should start, and bring the wire through the nearest loop, so it is now at the front of the pendant. Thread 3 bicones on, and pull the wire through the nearest loop to the back of the pendant.
Do the same for the other eye. (Do not worry about how the back looks, the nature of the weave used means that these face wires are not noticeable.)

Step 14

Finally the nose. At this point your wire is behind the pendant. Do the same as the eyes, but this time only use 1 bicone. There should now be 2 long wires at the back of the pendant. 

Step 15

Wrap each wire around the nearest piece of frame wire. Cut off the excess, and use your flat nose pliers to secure it.