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Pétiller Bracelet

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Pétiller Bracelet

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Pétiller Bracelet

Difficulty: Intermediate


Make this stunning sterling silver 'Pétiller' bracelet finished off with a shamballa fashion sliding knot.

Step 1

Cut 2 x 40 cm length of shamballa fashion cord and loop on opposite corners of the square charm.

Step 2

Thread on 16 Sterling Silver round beads on both threads.

To get both threads through the beads - you may need to burn and stretch the Shamballa fashion cord a little bit.

Step 3

Take the 2 end cords, lay them side by side and then do a macramé braid for your sliding knot. For instructions on how to do this see our instructions for how to make Shamballa Fashion Bracelets.

Step 4

Place a Sterling Silver round bead both ends and tie a knot to each end to prevent the bead from falling off. Trim to 5cm long.