Princess Pearl Bow Hairband

Information about this project

Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to make this Princess Pearl Bow Hairband using white freshwater pearls and soft pink organza ribbon!

Step 1

Measure approx. 6ft (1.8m) of illusion cord.

Step 2

Thread on a jumpring to the halfway point.
Thread a crimp bead onto both tails of the thead and push close to the jumpring.
Crimp the bead leaving approx. 1mm between it and the jumpring to allow movement. 

Step 3

Add 2x 3mm freshwater pearls to each piece of cord.
Add a pearl to one cord and push second cord through to opposite side. Pull tight.

Step 4

Repeat this as before. You should start to see your pattern!

Step 5

Keep repeating until you have half the desired length beaded. (Approx. 17" full length, 8.5" half length) 

Step 6

To create the 'V' in the centre, thread 3 pearls onto the right side of cord and 1 on the other. 
Add a pearl to one cord and push second cord through to opposite side. 

Step 7

Start your pattern again to build up the beads on the other side.
You'll see how it's changed angle.

Step 8

Take the two ends and thread on a crimp bead.
Thread on a jumpring and loop the ends back through the crimp bead.
Crimp the bead approx. 1mm close to the jumpring to allow for movement. 
Trim the ends of your thread.
You can strengthen anything you think isn't secure enough with a small drop of Fevi Kwik glue - Click here to buy. 

Step 9

Thread your ribbon through your jumpring.
Use as much or as little as you want to create your bow.