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Pretty Princess Tiara

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Pretty Princess Tiara

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X Silver Plated Copper Wire 0.5mm 24gauge 25metres
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Pretty Princess Tiara

Difficulty: Intermediate


Dainty, delectable and totally divine! This beautiful sparkly tiara-crown is perfect for a bride that wants to be seen as a princess, or perfect for a little flower girl. This tiara is the essential in bridal beauty, for those that seek fun, playful and pretty jewellery for their big day.

Step 1

Cut approximately 30cm of wire from the reel and wrap approximate 2 inches of it in between the first two comb prongs on the left side of the comb (comb pointing down). Thread on 20 freshwater pearls and wrap another 2 inches of wire tightly between the 10th and 11th comb prong. Trim any excess wire.

Step 2

Repeat the same process, however thread on 14 pearls with a Swarovski bicone in between each one (starting with a pearl). This should be wrapped between the 8 and 9th prongs on one side, and 22nd and 23rd prongs on the other.

Step 3

Wrap another 2 inches of wire also between the 22nd and 23rd prongs and repeat the one pearl, one bicone pattern. Stop when the pattern hits 19 pearls. Wrap to finish between the 34th and 35th prongs.

Step 4

Wrap 2 inches of wire also between the 34th and 35th prongs and repeat Step 2. Finish by wrapping another two inches of wire between the 47th and 48th prongs. Trim excess wire.

Step 5

Wrap another 2 inches of wire of around the 44th and 45th prongs. Repeat Step 1 and finish by wrapping another 2 inches of wire in between the last two comb prongs.

Step 6

Cut 30 cm of wire and wrap 1 inch around the middle of the 27th and 28th prong. Thread on 41 Swarovski bicones. Finish by wrapping another inch of wire between the 28th and 29th prongs. Shape the wire loop you have created into a heart with a definite ‘point’. Attach one pearl onto a headpin and trim and loop (you may want to use the One Step Looper W331). Attach to a small 4mm jumpring. Attach the 3mm jumpring to another and attach this to the point in the middle of the heart you have created to dangle down in the centre.