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Pretty Pink Woven Bracelet

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Pretty Pink Woven Bracelet

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Opaque Mix Violet/Gold Arcos Par Puca Beads 5x10mm 10g
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Gold Plated Jump Rings 5mm 0.7mm Thick Pk50
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Gold Plated Lobster Clasps 7x12mm Pk5
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5328 Swarovski Crystal Bicone 3mm Crystal Shimmer Pk24
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Information about project:

Pretty Pink Woven Bracelet

Designed by: Kara-May

Difficulty: Expert


Create this pretty pink woven bracelet using Swarovski Bicones, pearls and Faceted rounds with complementing seed beads. 

Step 1


  • a - Par Puca Arcos
  • 8sb - Size 8 seed bead
  • 15sb - Size 15 seed bead
  • sd - SuperDuo
  • sp - Swarovski pearl
  • fr - Faceted rounds

Cut about 60 cm of thread off your reel and using a stopping bead attach 1x Arcos bead (a) we will call it from now on, then thread on 1x size 8 seed bead which we will call (8sb) from now on, 1x SuperDuo bead (sd), 1x Swarovski bicone, 1 x Swarovski pearl (sp), 1x Swarovski bicone, 1x sd, 1x 8sb and 1x a making suring you go through the top hole so it bend downwards, now add 6x 15sb and loop through the bottom hole of the arcos bead. Add another 8sb, 1x sd, 1x Swarovski bicone, 1x sp, 1x Swarovski bicone, 1x sd, 1x 8sb and thread through the bottom part of your first arcos bead.

Step 2

Now you have two rows and are out the other side of the first arcos bead add a 8sb and 1x a, 1x 8sb, 1x sd, 1x fr, 1xsp, 1x fr, 1x sd, 1x 8sb, 1x 8sb and 1x a. Now loop back on yourself out the top hole of your arcos bead and add a 8sb going back through your second row of beads however this time you need to connect your two sd beads together adding six 15sb and then connecting the next lot of sd beads passing through the 8sb and arcos bead continuing your 6x 15sb on the outer side and repeating these two steps all the way until you have enough of the bracelet to fit your wrist.

Step 3

When you get to the end you need to come up through the last sd bead on the very last row add 3x Swarovski bicones, a jumpring and another 3x Swarovski bicones, threading through the other sd bead on that row, now make small knots threading through  abead at a time to make sure the bracelet is secure. The other end will need the clasp so using the tail thread, remove your stopper bead and do the same but instead of a jumpring add a clasp. 

Step 4

If part way through you run out of thread just make a few knots and attach some more making more knots after each bead you thread through until you are where you need to be again in the weave.