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Pretty Pink Peyote Earrings

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Pretty Pink Peyote Earrings

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Silver Plated Earring Hooks 19mm x 2 Pairs
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4320 Swarovski Crystal 13x18mm Drop Fancy Stone Crystal Light Grey DeLite Pk1
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Information about project:

Pretty Pink Peyote Earrings

Designed by: Kara-May

Difficulty: Intermediate


Create these beautiful Peyote drop earrings using Swarovski crystals and seed beads. You are sure to stand out from the crowd in these earrings, why not mix and match the colours. 

Kara-May will show you how to make these stunning earring in easy to follow step by step instructions. 

Suppliers used for this project:

lx Beading Thread & Needle 

2x Earring Hooks 

2x Large Drop Stone 13mmx18mm 

2x Rivoli SS39 

lx Size 15 Seed Beads Colour A 

lx Size 15 Seed Beads Colour B

Step 1

Peyote around your Rivoli. See Page 2 for how to Peyote.

Step 2

Once the Rivoli is enclosed within your peyote you need to add the ear hook, do this by making your way to the middle/top of your peyote design and add a seed bead to separate your design from the ear hook. Now thread on your ear hook and loop back through the seed bead below and make a few tiny knots through some seed beads on your Peyote Rivoli to ensure the thread is secure

Step 3

Now cut approximately 60 cm of your thread, add a stopper bead and leave a tail thread of about 5cm. Add 41 seed beads in colour A and tie a knot so that the seed beads make the shape of your Swarovski drop fancy stone. Now Peyote around the shape again, do this 3 times around before moving on to your next colour of seed beads (colour B) add another three rows before inserting your Swarovski drop fancy stone into the peyote beads, switch back to colour A seed bead to create one more row, pulling slightly on the thread as you go to enclose the beads around the back of your crystal.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 4

Now threading through the seed beads one at a time make some small knots between them to secure the Peyote stitch. Make your way to the half way down point of the design so you can add the seed beaded lace fringing design. On the colour B part of the peyote, add a row of one colour A seed beads, missing a bead as you make your way around the bottom half of the crystal, once you have one line of seed beads which are level with one another make a new row using colour B seed beads threading through the first row to secure them, similar to how we Peyote stitched.

Step 1

Step 5

Now do this again with colour A, again threading through the second row and securing this row. Once you get to the other side add three colour B seed beads, pull tight so these make a group of three, loop through the colour B bead and out the other side. Add three more colour B seed beads and thread through the adjacent colour A bead. Add another three colour B beads to make that group of three again and continue this until you have five of the groups of three underneath which will look like five small points on the bottom of your design, once you get to the end of this make half hitch knots, again threading the end through a seed bead to hide it.

Step 1

Step 6

Make your way to the top which should be the point of the crystal with your thread. Now it’s time to join the top half of the Peyote design to the bottom half. So, with the thread at the top of your bottom half of the design loop through one of the seed beads on the top half of the design and make a few of these lops in the same place to secure the two halves together. Make a few small knots again and once secure you can then snip your thread. Repeat all the steps for the other earring and you should have a pair of Pretty Peyote Earrings. Tie off the tail and hide it within a seed bead and cut the remaining off.

Step 1

Step 7

To make the top half of the design-Firstly cut your thread measuring roughly 60cm, thread your needle and leave a tail thread of about 5cm. Add 16 Colour A seed beads to your thread and tie a knot so that the seed beads make a small circle.

Step 1

Step 8

Pick up one seed bead, skip a bead on the ring and sew through the next. Repeat until you have one more bead to add. Each bead you skip is a bead in row1.

Step 9

Pick up the last seed bead, skip a bead on the ring, sew through the next bead and the first bead added in this row. This ‘stepup’ gets you to the right place to begin the next row, you’ll need to do this after each row.

Step 1

Step 10

To continue the next ring pick up a seed bead and sew through the next bead on the previous row. Repeat all the way around like before. Repeat until you have 3 complete rows. Then add your Swarovski Rivoli crystal side face down and repeat the steps again to enclose the Rivoli inside the seed beads. Tie off the tail and hide it within a seed bead and cut the remaining off.

Step 1