Pretty Pastel Layered Necklace |

Pretty Pastel Layered Necklace

Step 1

Cut 2x 10cm lengths of chain. Attach a jumpring to each end of both of the chains. On one of those jumprings connect it to a lobster clasp.

Step 2

Close the lobster clasp onto the other length of chain to form the top of your necklace. To make the top layer of the necklace, thread an eyepin onto a pink gemstone bead and make a loop. Do this a second time. Attach each end of the loops to a jumpring. Cut 4 x 1.5cm of chain. Connect a piece to the end jumprings of your necklace, then the gemstone, chain, jumpring and connect the jumpring to the connector. Mirror this pattern for the other side.

Step 3

To make the middle layer, cut a 2.5cm length of chain and attach it to the jumpring that's attached to the previous layer. Then thread on two blue gemstone beads onto a headpin, make a loop and attach it to the chain with a jumpring. Connect this end to a 3cm piece of chain and then attach this to a long bead connector. Mirror the pattern for the opposite side.

Step 4

For the bottom layer of the necklace, cut a 5cm piece of chain and attach it to the jumpring that holds all of your layers. Thread a pink and a blue gemstone onto an eyepin and make a loop. Attach it to the chain with a jumpring. Now connect it to a 2 cm length of chain, 2 more gemstones and then another jumpring. Cut three links of chain and attach it to a jumpring at the end of the 2 gemstones. Open a new jumpring and attach the tassel charm to the centre link of the chain. Mirror the pattern on the other side to complete the necklace.