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Pretty Hourglass Bracelets

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Pretty Hourglass Bracelets

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X Gold Plated Lobster Clasp 5x10mm Pk5
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Nymo Beading Thread Size D 0.3mm Sand 64yards
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Pretty Hourglass Bracelets

Designed by: Katrina

Difficulty: Beginner


*SALE MAKE* Make a pretty pair of bracelets interlinking Preciosa pellet beads with Preciosa flat round beads for a textured effect! Try wearing these with some metallic rose gold bangles or a Swarovski stretch bracelet for a trending layered look with extra shine and sparkle!

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Step 1

Cut an armspan of thread and string on a lobster clasp to the middle point of the thread. Attach a needle to both sides of the thread and string on three seed beads on each side. Add another seed bead to one side, and pass the other needle through it to bring the cords together.

Step 2

To make a 7-inch bracelet, we used 15 pellet beads and 16 of the flat round beads. Starting with one side of the thread, start by stringing on a pellet bead and alternate between flat rounds and pellets until you have reached your desired length. Then take the other side of the thread and pass the needle through the beads, making sure to go through the second hole of the flat rounds. 

Step 3

Once you reach the end, on one side make a loop of seed beads. Do this by threading on 7 seed beads and passing the needle back through the first seed bead you added. Weave both needles and thread back through the design, making half-hitch knots along the way to reinforce the design. Once you are happy that your bracelet is secure, trim away the tail ends.