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Precious Gems Bracelet

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Precious Gems Bracelet

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Gold Colour Copper Craft Wire 18 Gauge (1mm) 4 Metre Reel
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Gold Colour Copper Craft Wire 26 Gauge (0.4mm) 15metre Reel
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Precious Gems Bracelet

Difficulty: Intermediate


Make this shimmering gemstone bracelet designed by Donna Totton, using pretty semi-precious beads and wire wrapping techniques. 

Step 1

Cut 5 pieces of 1mm wire. I usually cut them in about 40cm pieces
as you can cut off what you dont need later. Straighten each piece.

Step 2

Now you're ready to start weaving with the 0.40mm wire. Start weaving
about 5cm into your wire weave for about 4 to 5 cm depending how big you want your
bracelet/bangle. Finish this using round nose pliers and make sure there are no sharp bits.

Step 3

Pull/curve the 2 outer wires to either side and place a bead on the middle wire.

Step 4

Begin braiding/plaiting the 3 middle wires and beads together. Once you finish
this use the remaining wires on either side to frame around your braid.

Step 5

Weave the wires together at the other end like you did at the beginning, 4 to 5cm
depending how big you want your bracelet.

Step 6

For the end split wires put a bead on the outside and wire wrap the wire round it.
Make a swirl at the top of the bead. Do this on both sides and both ends of bracelet.
Use the middle wire either end to make a swirl and bend it over the front end of
bangle then make loops with the other two wires.

Step 7

Make the clasp - take a piece of 1mm wire and wrap it with the 0.4mm wire.
Shape a loop and then bend it at either side for the loop side of the hook clasp.
Attach this to the loops at the end of your bracelet.

Step 8

For the second part of clasp, bend 1mm wire in half and wrap wire 0.40mm about
half way then split the wire into two. Now wrap these wires individually to make the hook side
of the clasp. Create loops on each end like you did on the other half of the clasp. Bend the first
bit you wrapped to create the hook shape. Attach your two clasps to the other side of the bracelet. Now your bracelet/bangle is finished and ready to wear!