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Pop Art Bangle Neon Flowers

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Pop Art Bangle Neon Flowers

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Mixed Multi-colour Lucite Flower Beads Medium Pk20
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Pop Art Bangle Neon Flowers


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You will need:

1x Grey PVC Tubing [TC575]

1x Pink PVC Tubing [TC573]

1x Silver Plated Peace Charm [CR143]

1x Titanium Cross Charms [CR230]

1x Large Lucite Flowers [BO434]

1x Silver Plated Headpins [F1045]

1x 6mm Swarovski Pink Neon Pearls [HH200]

1x 8mm Swarovski Yellow Neon Pearls [HH204]

1x Purple Fabric Chain [CH1134]

2x Antique Silver Connector [F947]

1x 5mm Silver Plated Jumprings [F1086]

This pop art bangle mixes bold PVC cord with Swarovski Elements neon pearls and lucite flowers for a bright and feminine feel. The strong, neon colours are on trend right now and wearing these colours helps you make a statement through your jewellery. Take a Make Break this weekend to evoke the feminine flowers and bright colours of spring.

How To Make It:

Step 1. Cut your pink and grey PVC cord into 4.5cm pieces.

Step 2. Attach one piece of PVC cord to each side of a PVC cord connector. Repeat this with the other 2 pieces, then join the parts together using 2 more connectors.

Step 3. Attach a cross charm to a lobster clasp and attach to the loop on one connector. Do the same with a peace charm and attach to the opposite connector.

Step 4. Cut 6 links of fabric chain and use jump rings to attach to the connector with the cross charm. Connect the other side of chain to one of the free connectors.

Step 5. Thread a neon pearl and a lucite flower on to a headpin. Create a loop behind the flower. Create 5 flowers in this way and connect them together.

Step 6. Connect the bunch of flowers to a jump ring and attach to the remaining connector. Use a fine wire to keep the flowers in position if required.

TIP: Your bangle works best if it's big enough to slip on over your wrist. If you want to wear it this way you could glue the connectors in place for extra security. You can use the connectors like a clasp and undo them to put the bangle on, but they are quite hard to fasten yourself.