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Pop Art Bangle Clear Chain

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You will need:
1x PVC Clear Tubing [TC572]
1x 2mm Pink Ball Chain [CH149]
1x Enamel Purple Bead [MB309]
1x Silver Plated Headpin [F1045]
1x Antique Silver Connector [F947]

If you want to get involved with the neon trend but keep it understated then this clear Pop Art Bangle is for you. The neon ball chain peeks out from inside the clear PVC cord to give you a burst of neon that's subtle enough to wear with any outfit. If you're feeling braver it also looks great worn with our Pink Neon Pop Art Bracelet.

How To Make It:

Step 1. Cut your clear PVC cord if necessary, and attach one end to a connector.

Step 2. Feed the ball chain in to the tube that runs through the PVC until you fill the tube. Cut off any excess ball chain.

Step 3. Connect the other end of the clear PVC to the connector to create the bangle.

Step 4. Thread an enamelled shamballa fashion bead on to a headpin and create a wrapped loop. Attach to the connector using a jump ring.

TIP: Your bangle works best if it's big enough to slip on over your wrist. If you want to wear it this way you could glue the connectors in place for extra security. You can use the connectors like a clasp and undo them to put the bangle on, but they are quite hard to fasten yourself.