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Pip Flower Ring

Information about project:

Pip Flower Ring

Designed by: Katrina

Difficulty: Beginner


*BLOG FEATURE* Learn how to make a pretty flower ring with NEW Preciosa Pip beads! Once you've mastered the flower, you could make all kinds of bracelets and earrings to match!

For full photo step-by-step instructions, visit the blog post.

Step 1

Step 1. Cut a 30cm length of cord and thread your needle. String on 6 pip beads and take the needle back through the beads to form a loop.

Step 2

Step 2. Work your thread back around the flower petals, creating knots along the working cord to secure. Do the same thing with your tail thread. Trim away the ends.

Step 3

Step 3. Cut a new length of thread 30cm long and string on 15 seed beads, leaving a tail of approx. 10cm. Pass your needle through the centre of the flower.

Step 4

Step 4. String on 1 seed bead and pass the needle back through the hole in the centre of the flower and out to the opposite side.

Step 5

Step 6. String on 15 more seed beads. At this point, you may wish to check the size and how it fits on your finger. Once you are happy with the size, pass your needle through the precious 15 beads, and back down those you just added to form a loop.

Step 6

Step 7. Pass the needle through the loop a second time, tie your two ends in a couple of knots and trim away the tail ends.