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Pinch Beaded Jewellery Set

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Pinch Beaded Jewellery Set

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Pinch Beaded Jewellery Set

Designed by: Sarah Millsop

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make your own pinch bead jewellery using handmade pinch bead balls and silver plated findings.

Step 2

Create your pinch bead balls using the instruction sheet download provided in the last step.
Cut a length of wire or thread, attach a calotte, a crimp bead then thread back down the calotte.
Squash the crimp bead and squash the calotte over it,
Thread on your beads in your desired order including your handmade pinch bead balls. 
Make as many beaded balls as you like as they are quite delicate and small. 
Finish your design with a crimp bead and calotte in the same way as you began.
Loop the end of the calotte onto a jumpring and the other end of the necklace or bracelet onto a lobster clasp. 

Step 3

You could also create some matching pinch bead earrings using one of your handmade pinch bead balls as the feature on each earring!