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Peyote Earrings

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Peyote Earrings

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TOHO™ / Round 15/0 / Opaque Frosted / Jet / 10g
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Ear studs / flat pad / heart / surgical steel / 12x8x8mm / silver / 1pair
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Peyote Earrings

Designed by: Kara-May

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make these beautiful stud earrings using the Peyote technique and Swarovski Rivoli crystals.

Step 1

Firstly cut your thread measuring roughly 60 cm, thread your needle and leave a tail thread. Add 16 seed beads to your thread and tie a knot so that the seed beads make a small circle.

Step 2

Pick up one seed bead and skip one bead, threading through the next, so there is a bead on top in the centre of the two in the row before. Repeat this all the way round until you are back at the start, once you get to your last bead though remember to step up a bead so you are starting a new row. 

Step 3

Then add a seed bead between each of the seed beads in the row before. Continue this until you are back at the start and then repeat the second half of step 2 and repeat this step twice more (making 5 rows of peyote) before adding your Swarovski Rivoli crystal side face down and continuing the steps again to enclose the Rivoli inside the seed beads - like a cocoon. 

Step 4

Once your Rivoli is enclosed you need to add the ear stud at the top so add a seed bead and attach your thread through the loop on your stud and thread back through the seed bead, making small knots in your Peyote design before cutting your thread - ensure the thread is secure. Now repeat all the steps for the second earring.