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Petite Devotion Earrings

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Petite Devotion Earrings

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6328 Swarovski Crystal Bicones Xillion Top Drilled 8mm Crystal Clear Pk6
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Glue Beadalon G-S Hypo Cement 1/3oz
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Petite Devotion Earrings

Difficulty: Intermediate


To make a 1 pair of earrings you will only need 6 items (inc. the glue) delete or add the number of items you would like in the basket.

 Did you know you can get gold plated settings?

Step 1

Choose your settings.

Step 2

Choose your SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystals.

Step 3

Glue the crystals into the cups of the earring settings.

Step 4

Get your pinch bail, place the prongs of the bail into your crystal pendant and gently shut it close with your fingers. You can use a pair of pliers but you need to be careful when doing so as you may scratch the crystal of damage the bail.

Step 5

You should find a jumpring attachment at the bottom of the setting. Open this jumpring and place the sterling silver pinch bail on to it. Close the jumpring. Repeat these steps to make the other earring.